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Our first honorary enrollee….‘Roho’

In the early hours of 16th October 2019, ‘Roho’ was rescued from Tsavo West National Park. A patrolling aircraft had sighted an elephant calf standing beside his deceased mother. Although the calf was very small this orphaned elephant had lots of fight left in him . The wonderful team from Sheldrick Wildlife Trust carefully guided the calf down the hillside to the awaiting SWT helicopter; here a very experienced keeper took charge of the orphaned elephant.

At the orphanage the keepers were ready to meet the new arrival. This small elephant calf had such fight in him they named him ‘Roho’ which means ‘Spirit’ in Swahili, an apt name for this brave little boy. Roho settled into the orphanage and today is flourishing well, thanks to all the keepers at Sheldrick Orphanage. 

Durham International Nursery & Pre-Prep School are delighted to have adopted ‘Roho’, our first honorary enrollee.

Kindness, caring, respect and friendship are the core values at the heart of the Durham family, providing all children with social, emotional and spiritual strength.   It is delightful to see these same values underpin the elephant family that Roho now belongs to. Through the warm positive relationships that Roho enjoys with the keepers and the other elephants, his sense of belonging and self-confidence have been nurtured giving him the courage to explore, ‘have a go’,  learn and grow. 

We look forward to having our children watch the progress of ‘Roho’ as we continue to sponsor the wonderful work of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  

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