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Durham School wins National Competition with Wellbeing Top Trumps cards

Chronicle Live – 03 March 2020

Teachers Victoria Younger, left, and Sharon Johnson from Durham School have made unique Top Trumps packs that help children with their wellbeing (Image: Newcastle Chronicle)

Durham School has come up with an innovative way of tackling mental health by creating a specialist pack of Top Trumps cards. The School is giving youngsters a pack of cards that are specifically designed with ways of addressing mental health in the classroom.

The packs were designed by teacher Victoria Younger, who is also the school’s wellbeing lead, and won a competition with TES (Times Educational Supplement).

She said: “We are so proud to have won this amazing opportunity to have our wellbeing Top Trumps cards produced. Our school is hugely passionate about teaching children to be aware of their feelings from a young age. These cards will be used to raise awareness of wellbeing and teach children the importance of looking after their mental health whilst having fun. The cards include a range of strategies that both children and adults can use to support good mental health. There are various things for the children to do, such as do yoga, make a glitter jar, or compliment a friend.”

Miss Younger said, “Children at the school have enjoyed using the cards. The fact that they contribute towards them and it is their ideas, it makes them feel part of it and that they have supported each other.”

The cards are expected to be rolled out to more than 1,500 schools to use in the future.

She said: “We are hopeful that our cards will be available for other children and young people so that they too can develop strategies to deal with the pressures that we are facing in our ever changing and diverse world. I am very passionate about supporting children’s emotional wellbeing from a young age and I think this would be fantastic and useful resource for children and young adults. It’s a great way to teach and support positive wellbeing.”

It is the latest step by the School to promote positive mental health in the school, which includes positive artwork around the grounds and pupils becoming Wellbeing Ambassadors.

Miss Younger said: “They have been taking parts in meetings with us to say how they would like to improve the school and what they’d like to see happen. They might have seen things that we don’t notice.”

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