Welcome from the Director of Operations

As Director of Operations at Durham School in the UK and a member of the Board in Nairobi I am entirely confident that those children lucky enough to enjoy a Durham education will become imbued with moral integrity, ambition, responsibility and kindness, that they will be developed to their best potential and be instilled with a ‘confidence for life’ that will prepare them for the challenges and excitement of life in the 21st Century.

Having been involved with Durham International Nursery and Pre-Prep School from the inception of the idea and visited Nairobi on several stages during its development it is an absolute delight to see this fabulous school full of life – the school buildings and facilities look wonderful, the staff are engaged and welcoming and above all else the children are happy and having fun: it is everything a nursery and pre-prep school should be and clearly destined to become better still.

Durham Kenya is committed to offering students a continuous education experience, and even as the current school site expands – both in terms of the year groups offered and new facilities – we look forward to announcing further expansion for the Primary and Secondary Schools in the near future, and to welcoming more students to enjoy its unique approach to learning.

We are determined that wherever the name Durham appears in reference to a school, that it is not simply a recognisable name, but rather emblematic of a very special way of educating children.

Mr Nick Millen OBE
Director of Operations